The Los Poulsbos project 2008​-​2011

by Ducky Loves Two Women

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A collection of early singles , mixed Concertina and hand written Midi compositions


released January 1, 2011



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Ducky Loves Two Women Poulsbo, Washington

A submarniner turned IT guy turned musician, Michael Raley started his new journey by treating sleep apnea that was endangering his life. As he began to reject couch potatoism he looked to make his life more interesting.

he soon took up origami and writing Midi tunes. This led to his desire to combine music and folding. This dream was realized in the Concertina.
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Track Name: stolen sweets
there's something to be said for stolen sweets
and we laughed around the clock
long after we ran past the block
where the old man lived
Track Name: (Yeah I've got ) nothing
we thought about everything
we did nothing
we thought about everything
we talked about everything
we planned for the eventuality that
things would come to pass
but nothing did because we did nothing

Now here we are with this eventuality
that nothing will continue to be the state of mind
the state of play
the first and foremost thing we do today
is nothing
now the first and foremost thought of our day
and you so wanted to play

you talked about the beats
and you talk about the meets and
you talked about all the greets you would do
and all people... the strangers coming in
who would no longer be strangers to you.
but you kept your distance
and you kept your thoughts to yourself
until the day came you took them down
off that strange shelf
that you call your mind

and you discovered and you'd find
that your thoughts were stale
that they had expired
they were something that
nobody really desired

this is it
this is all
nobody's coming
and nobody will call
and yeah, I've got nothing
and I've got nothing

my mind draws a blank check
sometimes being a genius
can be a wreck...